Welcome to A Voracious Reader

Dear reader,

Welcome to A Voracious Reader. This blog has been on the drawing board for a long time and it is finally time to reveal it to the world.

I have been a passionate reader since I can remember and this is not my first time tipping my toe to the world of book blogging. For years, I ran a blog called Read Read Read on blogger – maybe some of you may even remember me from those days. That blog has been inactive for a while now as I have moved from the world of blogging to bookstagram.

While I do adore bookstagram (you can find me from @avoraciousreader), for a long time I have felt like the platform does not really give me a chance to share book reviews in a way I would like to. After all, Instagram is all about pictures and often the captions themselves might drown into the sea of beautiful bookish photos.

That is why I decided to make my comeback to the book blogging world.

When I started Read Read Read over 10 years ago I didn’t really have the funds to pay for a domain name nor the knowledge of things really worked in the blogging world. For this new beginning, I decided to make the investment of buying a domain name that matches with my Instagram handle. That investment wasn’t big in monetary terms, but just making the investment alone makes me take this more seriously.

The moment this post went live I hid Read Read Read from the world. It has not been garnering much attention anyway, but now that I have a new platform to use there is no reason to keep it visible to others.


As you can probably imagine, in over 10 years I managed to write numerous reviews that could still be valuable resources to some. Because of that, I have decided to go through my old reviews and pick out the ones I am most proud of. So once in a while you will see reviews that I have written years ago, reviews that I still feel like are worth sharing with the world. Through these reviews I also hope to bring into your radar backlist titles (books that have been on sale for more than a year) you might not even have heard of before if you mostly consume new releases…might be that you have missed out some real gems.

I am so excited to be back in the world of blogging and look forward to sharing my love for books with you both here on this blog as well as on my other social media channels. You can find the links for where to find me from below.

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